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Taste the best Beijing style dishes.

风味食堂 Real Beijing Food House

We offer a diverse range of dishes from northern China and beyond, from comforting hotpots to mouthwatering barbecues and stir-fried delicacies. We also proudly offer Halal options.
With rich Chinese decor in the heart of Chinatown, we’ve spent twelve years preserving and sharing the essence of Chinese cuisine. Join us for authentic Northern flavors and a genuine taste of China!



Chefs Favorites

A culinary masterpiece, handpicked by our chef, showcasing the finest ingredients and flavors of the season, offering a taste of true culinary artistry at RealBeijing Food House.

All-You-Can-Eat Hot Pot Buffet £29.80 per person
Delight in a limitless feast of fresh ingredients, from succulent meats to a bountiful array of vegetables, immersed in your choice of flavorful broths. Create your own culinary masterpiece and savor a never-ending journey of taste at RealBeijing.
Traditional Charcoal Copper Hot Pot £15 extra / pot
Enjoy the classic taste of tradition with our Charcoal Copper Hot Pot: A timeless culinary experience that combines the smoky allure of charcoal with the freshest ingredients in a rich, bubbling broth."
Chinese Charcoal BBQ Start from £1.60
Revel in the aromas of sizzling skewers, marinated in authentic flavors, and grilled over open flames, offering a delightful fusion of tenderness and smokiness that captures the essence of traditional Chinese barbecue.

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Traditional Chinese fare, including hot pot, offered in a casual setting with a warm atmosphere.d.

Real Beijing 
Food House 风味食堂

Address: 46 Gerrard St, London W1D 5QH

Phone: 020 7287 2818 

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